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 Rebekah Garcia & Cameron Stanton - Web

Cameron Stanton (standing) and Rebekah Garcia (right) met with two clients. . . who are father and daughter!

Alumni from the Elder Law Clinic of Wake Forest Law participated in the 2014 Elder & Special Needs Law Symposium and VA Accreditation Course, presented by the N.C. Bar Association Foundation, which was held in Pinehurst, N.C., on Feb. 27-28. There were 125 people who attended the conference. The Wake Forest Elder Law Clinic  has helped train attorneys who now practice across this state.  For more information about these impressive alumni see here.

The Elder Law Clinic provides free legal assistance to moderate income seniors, and serves as a resource center for lawyers and other professionals.  To learn more, here’s a short video and an article from the N.C. State Bar Journal.  The Clinic accepts applications for assistance year-round, but sees clients only from September through April.

For more about the program and elder law in general, see our newsletter and this article from the ABA President.

The Elder Law Clinic at Wake Forest University is special for many reasons, not the least of which is the practical experience students gain by taking part in the program. To continue reading>>