A Bird’s Eye View

A warm welcome from Jenica Cassidy.

Jenica Cassidy was thrilled to work at the ABA Commission on Law and Aging in D.C. during the summer of 2013.  While there, she wrote articles for the Commission’s newsletter about guardianship restoration and end-of-life legal issues.

In the Elder Law Clinic, Jenica gained more experience on policy development.  She helped the Kaiser Family Foundation evaluate how well our state is providing non-institutional services to disabled elders.  Jenica gathered data showing that many people are on waiting lists for home- and community-based services, despite meeting eligibility criteria.  The waits often exceed a year, leaving elders and their families with tremendous burdens.

While in the clinic, Jenica handled three guardianship cases.  She also gave a talk about legal issues to the Early Journey Support Group, an innovative program for people with early memory loss and their family members.  It is directed by Ed Shaw, M.D., M.A., of the Sticht Center on Aging at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center.

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