Serving Diverse Needs

Lauren Johnson, Aly Kyser, Ben Limehouse,Cameron Stanton, Becky Chen, Rebekah Garcia

Lauren Johnson, Aly Kyser, Ben Limehouse,
Cameron Stanton, Becky Chen, Rebekah Garcia

Our students had quite a range of interview experiences this semester.  Not much fazes them now.  One day they might chat with an elegant emigree; the next day, they might struggle to understand a disturbed military veteran.  At one appointment our students might get the facts from a grandma in walking shoes; at another appointment, from a patient in a hospital bed.  They learned to surmount language differences and to figure out how best to communicate with those who have memory issues.  Clients sometimes had hearing, vision, and education limitations that put the students to the test.

Our caseload was also varied.  Complex rules on Medicaid coverage of long-term care were particularly challenging.  The students appeared at numerous court hearings and presented factual findings and recommendations regarding incompetency proceedings.  They drafted and redrafted advice letters, analyzed statutes, and learned the inner workings of a small law office.  Also, they learned that having pleasant, detail-oriented support staff is one secret to good lawyering.

These students did not choose the easiest path to getting course credits.  They put in long hours and helped their community.  Congratulations on taking a big step closer to becoming lawyers!

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