Mediation and Medical Partnerships

Dr. Mary Lyles

Clinical Professor Kate Mewhinney served as the court-appointed mediator in a contested guardianship case.  The matter, which involved allegations of abuse, was resolved and the court has approved the parties’ mediated settlement agreement.  North Carolina offers families the mediation option in disputes over estates or guardianship matters.  Mediation helps maintain family relationships and avoids costly, public guardianship cases.  It saves judicial resources as well.

We partnered again with the medical school to share expertise about older clients and patients.  Dr. Mary Lyles gave the students an excellent overview of mental capacity screening, diagnosis and treatment.

In December, Professor Mewhinney gave a presentation at the Geriatric Medicine – Hospital Medicine conference to their fellows and faculty.  Her topic was “Competency and Decision-Making Capacity.”  Mewhinney is an Associate in the School of Medicine’s Department of Internal Medicine (Section of Geriatrics and Gerontology).

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