Special Thanks

Monica client best

A mother and daughter consult with Monica Berry.

Thanks to Parkway United Church of Christ for making a donation to help the Clinic do community service.  Also, thanks to several local experts who gave their time to teach our students about long term-care insurance options: Ellen Atkins, Gerry Malmo and Ernie Osborn.  They are each Certified in Long-Term Care.

 Our Medical Teaching Partners: 

To better understand the needs of older clients, our students learned about medical issues such as mental capacity assessment, caregiver support programs, ECT and hospice and palliative care.  The clinic’s medical teaching partners, who generously share their time and expertise with the clinic students, are:

  • William Hazzard, M.D., Professor of Gerontology and Geriatric Medicine
  • Predrag Gligorovic, M.D., Associate Professor, Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Medicine
  • Mark Corbett, M.D., Associate Medical Director, Hospice and Palliative CareCenter
  • Edward Shaw, M.D., M.A., Sticht Center for Healthy Aging, Caregiver Support Group.

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