Dr. Edward Shaw and Dani Liebman confer at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center.

                      Dr. Edward Shaw and Dani Liebman                             confer at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center.

Dani Liebman’s client received help at home, due to significant disabilities.  The woman, age 70, had received Medicaid home health benefits for almost a year.  She then realized a retirement account from her first job might actually make her ineligible for Medicaid.  Unlike Medicare, Medicaid is only available for people with limited assets.  Dani recommended a “voluntary repayment agreement” so that the woman could continue getting assistance at home.

Sarah Wesley Wheaton’s client had multiple health problems.  She had been getting Medicare home health benefits, which allowed her to stay out of a facility.  Suddenly, she got a notice that her benefits were going to end, with no explanation.  Sarah Wesley helped her appeal this.  The appeal was successful and the client is again receiving benefits.

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