• Brandy Nickoloff reflected on her experience: “This Clinic course opened my eyes to the complexity of aging people and their problems. I feel that I became much more skilled at handling the difficult dynamics of a client’s life and family.”
  • Jasmine Gregory (shown above) said: “I am better prepared to help my parents and grandparents as they age.”
  • Samer Roshdy most enjoyed getting to know each of the clients he worked with on a personal level. He remarked, “I also liked giving a talk on legal issues, at Green Street Methodist Church. The audience asked great questions and seemed to appreciate the information I provided.”
  • Amanda Perez observed, “Each client and their families are different. Some may have great support systems, while others may have nothing to help them as they age. And it’s not like the Clinic is just ‘old people law’ like so many people think. It’s more than just wills. They don’t just have elder issues. They have life issues that we all face.”
  • John McCool writes: “I now feel way more comfortable talking to my clients about tough issues, like death and dying,” he said. “Before, I would beat around the bush. Being upfront on tough issues is important and plays a role in planning for end-of-life care.”

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