Silke Hynes

 A warm greeting from Silke Hynes.

  • “I survived!  Honestly, as I considered taking this course, the idea of being one-on-one with clients was the most intimidating part.  The Elder Law Clinic gave me all the direct client experience I was looking for, and more.  Sitting down with a client was as terrifying as I thought it would be, but I survived!  The second client was also scary, but a little less so.  Now I feel like I’ve grown more comfortable with clients and with figuring out how to help them.”  Silke Hynes

  • “One thing I learned in the Elder Law Clinic is that clients are more receptive to advice that is given once trust is created between the lawyer and the client.  In creating this trust, clients seemed to greatly value having their stories heard.  Carefully listening to clients and thoughtfully responding to their stories, even when those stories were unrelated to the task at hand, created a feeling of connection with my client that allowed for very productive appointments.”  Lucas Moomaw

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