How much time do students spend in this Clinic?

Maria bestYou can expect to spend 8 to 10 hours – and sometimes more – in the Clinic per week.  This time is in addition to the regular 2 hour class.  Which meets twice a week for the first half of the semester.  It is likely that your time commitment will exceed the normal eight to ten hours per week as a result of court time tables, time consuming interviews, travel to meet with clients, or other factors.  Law practice is not always predictable.  We are usually able to reduce a student’s hours later in the semester, if he or she has had extra demanding weeks.  Keep in mind that The Elder Law Clinic can be intense, exciting, and exhausting, but it will also be rewarding.  Quality work takes time – please be prepared for this. Students who find that they are regularly exceeding 8-10 hours per week in the Clinic are expected to communicate this to the managing attorney, if it is a concern for them.  Spending long hours does not translate into a high grade for students.  (So, please don’t bring in a sleeping bag and a change of clothes!)  Here’s an example of a typical E-Clinic Schedule.